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How it works

Google Hangouts are announced each month via our newsletters and social media. We use Google Hangouts as it's the ideal platform to reach the maximum number of classrooms with each lesson.
Getting Started
Three ways your classroom can join the adventure:
1) Nervous about getting started? Any number of classrooms can watch the events live. Every lesson has its own page with a red 'Stream' button on the right. Simply click on it and the event will start automatically when the host starts the live stream, it's that easy!!!
2) Ready for the next level? Grab a camera spot so your class can appear on screen and interact with the speaker. We generally have 4-6 classrooms joining in this way each hangout. Simply click the red 'Sign Up' button on the lesson page and you will be taken to a camera spot request form. Fill it out and submit. We'll contact you to confirm your spot.
3) Every hangout is recorded directly to YouTube, we have a growing library of past events that can be viewed by classrooms anytime!

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