We knock down classroom walls and take students anywhere in the world, never having to leave their desks.

Exploring By The Seat Of Your Pants aims to inspire the next generation of scientists, explorers and conservationists. We do this by bringing science, exploration, adventure and conservation into classrooms through virtual speakers and field trips with leading experts across the globe. Since starting in September 2015 we've connected tens of thousands of students to scientists and explorers in over 40 countries. Best part of all, it is and always will be 100% free for classrooms!
There's this silly rumour going around that there's nothing left to explore or discover, this couldn't be further from the truth! New technology is opening up countless opportunities in the fields of science and exploration. We believe these experiences inspire students while exposing them to important issues, amazing places, exciting role models and new career paths. ​

Students won't remember every math or language lesson, but they will remember the time they were hanging out in a penguin colony in Antarctica or chatting with someone who just rowed across an ocean.

Each month during the school year we host 20+ Google Hangout events for classrooms.
​We regularly host full day, week and month events focusing on themes like oceans, biodiversity, women in science, space exploration and more.
We send textbook sized satellite BGAN units around the world with scientists and explorers so they can video broadcast into classrooms from the most remote regions of the planet. So far we've sent units to the Bahamas, Peru, Belize, Colombia, Vietnam, Botswana, Mozambique, French Polynesia, Guatemala and Clipperton Atoll (the most isolated coral island on the planet).
​Follow and connect with exciting expeditions before, during and upon completion.
Last year we were able to donate over $15,000 to innovative research, expedition and conservation projects around the world.
Founded Explorer Classroom with National Geographic Education, connecting their explorers and grantees to classrooms.

Our team

Founder | National Geographic Emerging Explorer and Fellow | Science and Math Teacher | Grosvenor Teacher Fellow | Royal Canadian Geographical Society Fellow | Top 50 Finalist Global Teacher Prize

Host and Member of the Board of Directors | Primatologist | Founder of Planet Madagascar | Director of the Ontario/Nunavut Chapter of the Explorers Club

Host | Founder of Science Literacy Week in Canada

Board Member | Explorer and Adventurer | Host of Angry Planet | Fellow of RCGS | Chair of the Canadian Chapter of the Explorers Club

Board Member | Legendary Cave Diver | First Explorer in Residence of the RCGS | Member of the Women Divers Hall of Fame

Host | UofGuelph Biology & Neuroscience Undergrad | Digital storyteller | Driven by passion, fueled by nature

Host | UofGuelph MFB Undergraduate | Diver | Lifelong learner fascinated by the unknown

Host | MSc, Physics | Outreach Scientist | Community Project Coordinator at Let’s Talk Science

Host | G.Dip. Science Communication | BSc Marine Bio | Canadian road tripper, passionate educator, ocean optimist

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