Testimonials From Educators Across North America

Exploring by the Seat of Your Pants should be a mandatory program in every school in the world. Our students love it because they can hear from and ask questions of real experts and explorers. What a wonderful opportunity to inspire students!

We have had fantastic interactive opportunities with experts around the world! Student’s engagement, critical thinking, knowledge and understanding are greatly enhanced with each experience. They are inspired by the guests and the opportunity to interact and ask questions. Always a fantastic learning experience that spills into further learning and inquiry in class. This year more than ever it has been a saving grace to feel that we are adventuring beyond the school and our homes with all our learning.

I would say – definitely take advantage of this awesome learning opportunity! My students all said they wanted to see more presentations in the future, and we have!

I have loved the opportunity to virtually visit many of the places offered by your program. My students have also really enjoyed learning about places they will most likely never get to visit in person. I would highly recommend this program for all classroom teachers!

Our experiences with the Exploring by the Seat of Your Pants family has been incredible. My students and I love that we get to travel all over the world to see so many different places, experience different cultures and meet new and interesting people who are trailblazers in their field. We are part of an International Baccalaureate Diploma Program and your site helps ensure we are learning and connection with other cultures.

In my school and in my classroom, we have had excellent experiences! Our students have been very happy to connect with live experts in different fields/topics, and they are very touched that they have their questions honoured and answered!

This site gives my students opportunities to see places they will never be able to go to, and to hear the lived experiences of professionals from a wide variety of research fields. It would be impossible for me to create these rich experiences for my class as an individual teacher. Each week, my class is excited to find out where we will go and who we will meet, and the engagement in learning extends to other subject areas.

Enormous impact on student learning. Excites them into learning more. Makes the learning so real. Make them realize that anything is possible. That it is so reachable their dreams.

Exploring by the Seat of Your Pants has provided wonderful learning opportunities for our students that have enriched our understanding of multiple topics by providing live, first person, relevant and engaging experiences.

The global pandemic created a greater need for us to reach out and learn from a world of experts. Exploring by the Seat of Your Pants made that happen for us. These live events with experts in a multitude of fields provided important enrichment opportunities for my students.

My experiences have always been amazing and my students have never had a negative thing to say about any of the events that we have attended! Joining your events helps support Ontario curriculum in a really innovative and engaging way!

I have been participating in Explore by the Seat of your Pants sessions with my classes for years. I am always impressed by the quality of the speakers that are made available to my students through this program! I’ll admit that I was a little bit intimidated to get online for a live session in the past, but the team at EBTSOYP was extremely helpful (and patient!) when troubleshooting technology issues prior to the events. The possibility of participating in live stream events this year has made it easier to get a spot in the sessions this year which is exciting. My students get excited to see classrooms from around the world tuning into the same meet. The talks on climate change, women in science, endangered animals and exploring are relevant and help me to cover curriculum in a more meaningful way. The move to virtual learning brings its own challenges but one thing I am always grateful for is the ability to connect with these specialists in a wide range of fields from wherever we are. I have no doubt that you are inspiring the next generation of conservationists, explorers, scientists and curious citizens of the world through this program. Please keep it up!

The live format of these events really bring learning to life. And the immediate applicability of the shared research and action make our learning so authentic – my student have really picked up on this. We also love the geographic diversity of the research, and students’ imagination is peaked when they see researchers in their field environments. There are also wonderful career connections being nurtured for my senior students as they see such a diverse set of contributors sharing their work and career paths.

My students love the events! It’s so nice for them to hear things reinforced from actual scientists working in the field. I think sometimes they believe that I, as their teacher, am just pushing an agenda. It is entirely refreshing to see real world scientists explain and expand on these ideas. Many times the topics take new twists from what we study in class. Great experiences!

We participated in several presentations this school year, both on camera and on Youtube live. The students absolutely love it! It gives them the opportunity to explore different carrier opportunities and field of interests. After every event, students love to discuss as a group about what they learned. There are always a few students that want to know more and follow up with personal research projects. We love Exploring by the Seat of Your Pants!!

Exploring by the Seat of Your Pants is a gift! Students have the opportunity to learn from experts who share their knowledge with amazing clarity and passion. The presentations are visually engaging, the experiences related are personal, the science is applied and the information presented is timely. My students are increasingly recognizing the awesomeness of the natural world and their duty as responsible citizens to protect it.

The experiences we’ve had are educational, exciting, interactive and meaningful. The importance of ecology and taking care of our earth is always a lesson no matter where in the world the lesson is originating. I hear from parents all the time about how their children come home from school after an EBTSYP’s lesson, with a wealth of information and enthusiasm for the experience. Parents who have taken the time to also watch either live or a recorded version are also very very positive!

Virtual trips and guest speaker visits into our classrooms via the livestreams coordinated by EBTSOYP enriched our program and experiences. Through this platform students of any grade level are transformed from learners who routinely complete research and reports for various subjects, into explorers who investigate, follow their interest and passion, raise critical questions, make meaningful connections, and show their potentials when the teacher doesn’t even expect it. A true inquiry and the most memorable experiences 🙂