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How it works

Events are announced each month and regularly updated via our newsletters (sign up on the landing page), the website and our social media channels. We use StreamYard to broadcast the events as it allows us to to reach a large number of classrooms with each lesson and there is no program that needs to be downloaded by educators. You can register for the events right on the website.

Getting Started

Three ways your classroom can join the adventure:

1) Grab a camera spot so your class can appear on screen and interact with the speaker. We generally have 5-7 classrooms joining in this way each event. Simply click the red ‘Sign Up’ button on the lesson page and you will be taken to a form where you can request your spot. Fill it out and submit. We’ll contact you within 24 hours to confirm your spot. There’s no program to download, although Google Chrome is the best browser to use. Shortly before the event, we’ll send you a special link, and all you have to do is follow it to join the live event. We’re happy to do a quick test call in advance if it’s your first time.

2) Tune in live! Any number of classrooms can watch the events live on our YouTube channel, take part in the Kahoot quizzes and send in some questions using the live chat. We’ll email you the YouTube link to use after you have registered. Another option to tune in is to use red ‘Stream’  button found on the event’s lesson page. Simply click on it at the start time for the event and you’ll be brought to the YouTube page where the event will start playing when we go live.

3) Every hangout is recorded directly to our YouTube channel, we have a growing library of past events that can be used by educators and students at any time:

With Covid, we have an option for classrooms that have had to switch to virtual learning. You can register for a camera spot and represent your class in that spot and ask some of their questions. Students can either join you in another video call and you can share your screen or they can tune in live via YouTube and send you some questions via something like a Padlet or Google Doc.


Q: What time are the events listed in?

A: All events are listed in Eastern time (Toronto/New York).

Q: What technology do I need to join a camera spot?

A: A laptop, chromebook, or iPad that you can connect to a projector or smartboard will do the trick. You can use a desktop computer as well, but you’ll need an external camera and microphone. We use StreamYard, there’s nothing you need to download, although it’s highly recommended that you use Google Chrome as your browser.

Q: Do I need to sign up for an event if I’m going to watch live on YouTube with my class?

A: Yes, we’ll send you the links you need to join and we like to track the classes who are taking part.

Q: How do I know if a camera spot is available for an event?

A: All events can be found on the Lesson Page with the date and time, a description, a link to sign up for a camera spot and the number of camera spots left. 

Q: Can I still sign up for a camera spot if the events are filled?

A: Yes, you’ll get a message from us letting you know that the spots have filled and you’ll be added to the waitlist and contacted if a class cancels their spot. We’ll also share how to tune in live via YouTube if a camera spot doesn’t open up.

Q: How do I access my camera spot on the day of the event?

A: We email a link before the event starts, follow it with Google Chrome as your browser and you’ll be brought right into your camera spot.

Q: This is my first time, can we do a test call?

A: Absolutely, we’re happy to do test calls with first time teachers to make sure that their tech is ready to go. Request a test through or ask for one after you’ve registered for an event.

Q: What’s the format for the events?

A: Events are generally 45 minutes in length. The speaker shares a lesson for the first 15-20 minutes and then the remaining time is a moderated Q&A with the live classrooms. We also have live Kahoot Quizzes during most of the events that classrooms in camera spots and tuning in live via YouTube can take part in.

Q: Do my I need a signed media releases for my students?

A: That depends on the policy in your school board/district. Most schools have a media release form that goes home to parents at the beginning of the school year that covers events like this. If you need one to use with your classroom, we’re happy to share a template you can use.

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