Mountain Parks Peak Discovery

Mountain Parks Peak Discovery

October 2022 – June, 2023

Parks Canada is bringing the mountains to your classroom!

Join us for exciting virtual education programs, live from Jasper, Waterton Lakes, Banff, Kootenay, Glacier and Yoho national parks. Each program shares a unique story and will give you a look behind the scenes at these amazing places with Parks Canada experts. These fun and interactive presentations explore a variety of topics including wildlife conservation, archaeological history, protecting at-risk species and more!

Virtual Education Programs

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May 9th @ 11:00am eastern

Meet the people that protect our natural and cultural treasures. Join a Parks Canada Warden and staff in Kootenay National Park to learn what they do, ask some questions, and find out how YOU can help protect these special places too.


Blazing Trails

May 17th @ 1:00pm eastern

Banff National Park is famous for its highway wildlife crossing structures, but they are only a part of a bigger picture to keep habitats connected and healthy. Find out how Parks Canada is using fire in the Cascade Wildlife Corridor near the town of Banff to improve the space for all.


Guardians of the Grasslands

May 24th @ 1:00pm eastern

Discover the cultural and conservation importance of bison to Waterton Lakes National Parks. Learn about the reintroduction of these incredible animals to the area after the Kenow Wildfire and witness the enduring and interconnected relationships between bison, humans, and other species on the landscapes of Paahtómahksikimi.


All events will be recorded for later viewing

Past Events

My BFF (Bat Friends Forever)

October 25th @ 1:00pm eastern

Just in time for Bat Week…and Halloween…! Marian discovers her new office-mates aren’t what she expected: they’re bats! Not what she hoped for. Can they get along? Find out if Marian can learn to love bats, and discover more about how Parks Canada helps take care of these important species at risk.


Artifacts in the Ashes

Uncover Secrets of the Past!

November 23rd @ 1:00pm eastern

Join staff in Waterton Lakes National Park to discover some amazing artifacts that have been unearthed following the 2017 Kenow Wildfire. Discoveries of artifacts, sites and other traces of cultures will be shared, including what this may mean about the presence of people, wildlife and relationships to landscape.


What time is it? Caribou time!

Can you solve the mystery of the disappearing caribou?

November 30th @ 1:00pm eastern

Sabrina finds a caribou themed time machine. It only runs on quarters (of course!). She discovers that when it comes to caribou in Jasper National Park, small changes can have big consequences.


Conservation Quest

Choose-your-own-path story about species at risk

December 7th @ 1:00pm eastern

Students choose the path through this interactive virtual quest to find animals that Parks Canada protects in Banff National Park. Their choices could lead to surprising discoveries, side quests, disaster, or success! This program uses real-time online polling and quizzes to direct the story. Conservation Quest is filled with fun facts that encourage curiosity, exploration, and protection of the natural world.


A Livestream from a Live Stream – Restoring Cascade Creek in Banff National Park

January 31st @ 1:00pm eastern

How do you bring a river back to life when it has been a ghost of its former self for almost a century? See how Parks Canada is restoring Cascade Creek in Banff National Park through engineering, biology, and a bit of help from Mother Nature.


The Butterfly Effect

February 7th @ 1:00pm eastern

Can the loss of one butterfly have a profound effect on its ecosystem? Join in as we learn about species at risk and how the loss of even one single, small species, can alter an ecosystem in large ways. (Photo by the Calgary Zoo)


Climate Clues

March 7th @ 1:00pm eastern

Mother Nature calls the Palisades Detective Agency with an odd request. Next thing you know Marian and Sabrina are hot on the trail – looking for climate change clues. Come see what they discover from the glaciers and the ridgetops.


Birds of the Mountain Parks

April 4th @ 1:00pm eastern

Join a Parks Canada employee for a high flying, soaring, dipping, and diving bird exploration! Waterton is home to hundreds of species of birds and spring is the ideal time to come and view them. So join our flock as we discover the unique features that set birds apart from other creatures!



April 12th @ 1:00pm eastern

Fire is Nature’s wild child. Chaotic, messy and often unpredictable. But, when the smoke clears, the landscape is better for it.


Bear Aware

April 25th @ 1:00pm eastern

Can you tell the difference between a black bear and a grizzly bear? What do you do if you encounter a bear in the wild? Learn all about bear biology, habits, and hiking safely in bear country.