Join us in May for another round of BackyardBio to celebrate our planet’s amazing biodiversity! We want to get students from around the world out into their yards, neighbourhoods, parks and wild spaces, to explore the wild world around them! Learn how your students can take part and share their discoveries with the world:

  • We’ll organize all of the registering classrooms from around the world into groups of 3-4 classrooms, so they can connect via video calls, for some friendly competition and to share what they’re finding in their communities around the world.

  • Throughout the month of May, students will get outside and use the iNaturalist app to photograph and identify the biodiversity they find in their communities. We’ll collect all of the images on our BackyardBio event page on iNaturalist.

  • Educators can share what their students are finding on social media, using #BackyardBio.

Find all the details and register on our #BackyardBio website!