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The Power of Citizen Science

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 On September 14th Hilde and Sunniva became the official Godmothers of a state of the art hybrid ship called the M/S Fridtjof Nansen. To view the historic event- click here: The naming ceremony was held in Svalbard.

Hurtigruten Expeditions is today the world’s largest and leading expedition cruise company.

“Being the godmothers of MS Fridtjof Nansen gives us a strengthened platform from which to work for increased global awareness and dialogue around climate change – and to inspire action and engage more ambassadors for nature.

We are living in a time of great change with all industries and people being impacted by both  the Covid Crisis and the Climate Change crisis. Our aim has been to bridge science and community science, and to connect these spheres with NGOs, governments, and the corporate world. People need information and inspiration. We spent time in the polar winter nights to shed light on some critically important questions:  How do we, as a world community, best gather the strength of science and amateur scientists, and industries and other stakeholders, to solve the challenges we face together. By partnering with Hurtigruten Expeditions, we will support their efforts in utilizing sustainable tourism as a tool for change.” – Hilde and Sunniva.

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Searching for Heroes and Hope

in a Time of Climate Change

September 24th @ 2:00pm eastern/2000 CET

From 2019-2021 Hearts in the Ice has connected with over 100,000 youth globally through their interactive expert hosted calls on a variety of topics all related to Climate change. Their goal is to be the bridge between science and citizens through storytelling and sharing the knowledge from experts as they work to empower citizens to engage and corporations to take bold action.

Sunniva and Hilde will be on their “Embrace the Planet” tour along the west coast of Norway using an electric car while they connect communities and youth with the goal to encourage all to become active citizen scientists.

This call is part of Climate Week NYC events as a lead up to COP26 in Glasgow Scotland Nov 2021.

On this live video call  Sunniva and Hilde will join Tedx speaker and author Mary Ellen Hannibal. 

Mary Ellen Hannibal is a long-time journalist focused on natural history and literature. Her most recent book, Citizen Scientist: Searching for Heroes and Hope in an Age of Extinction, was named one of 2016’s best non-fiction books by the San Francisco Chronicle. She is a recipient of the National Association of Science Writer’s Science and Society Award, among other honors, and is currently a Stanford media fellow.

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Live Virtual event from Hurtigruten ship Bodø

September 28th @ 1:00pm eastern/1900 CET

Join Sunniva and Hilde live from Hurtigruten’s Expedition ship on the way from Trondheim to Bodø Norway. They will be joined by a resident scientist to shine a light on how travel operators are using onboard Citizen Science programs to create ambassadors of change.

They will be joined by Norwegian Polar Institute Scientist Geir Gabrielsen. His research relates to finding new pollutants in the Arctic environment, pollutants in marine food chains, and effects of pollutants on Arctic seabirds. Lately, he has investigated the effects of plastic pollution on seabirds and marine mammals. Geir has produced two children’s books (Arctic Seabirds and Plastic Sea). A third book about pollutants in the Arctic is under production. to shine a light on how travel operators are using onboard Citizen Science programs to create ambassadors of change.

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