Nature Ideas Series with Canadian Museum of Nature

Nature Ideas: Climate change and mammal

extinction in the age of humans

Featuring Danielle Fraser, Ph.D., Director, The Beaty Centre for Species Discovery, Canadian Museum of Nature & Advait Jukar, Ph.D., Yale University

April 21st @ 7:00pm eastern

Is climate changing faster now than ever before? We know that, today, animal populations are declining and many species are at risk of extinction. How do rates of extinction compare between today and in the past? Are humans responsible? Join paleontologists Advait Jukar and Dani Fraser to discover the impacts humans on climate and biodiversity in the past and today.

Dr. Danielle Fraser

Danielle is a paleobiologist, and director of the Beaty Centre for Species Discovery at the Canadian Museum of Nature. Dr. Fraser studies the palaeoecology and evolution of Cenozoic-Era (66 million years to present) mammals. Dr. Fraser is a palaeoecologist and evolutionary biologist interested in how and why we have the mammals we do today and understanding how they might change under ongoing global change. Dr. Fraser is particularly interested in the evolution of hoofed mammals (relatives of modern horses, pigs, sheep and deer), studying their diversification, morphological and dietary evolution during the Cenozoic of North America.

Dr. Advait Jukar

Advait is a Gaylord Donnelley Postdoctoral Associate at the Yale Institute for Biospheric Studies and Department of Anthropology. Dr. Jukar is a palaeoecologist interested in the large mammals (e.g. elephants) of the last 20 million years. Dr. Jukar’s research is particularly focused on understanding the nature and consequences of the megafaunal extinction (last 50,000 years) in South Asia, and on the ecology and biogeography of herbivorous mammals and dinosaurs in the Indian Subcontinent and North America.

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