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Saguenay-St. Lawrence Marine Park

The animals that live under the water’s surface are less known and yet represent some of the most numerous, unusual and colourful species of the St. Lawrence river.

March 29th @ 1:00pm eastern

All species, both large and small, are important to the balance of life in the St. Lawrence River. Even though some of the underwater species may look strange, they need to feed, reproduce and protect themselves from predators to survive. They have adapted to life in the St. Lawrence River.

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Kluane National Park and Reserve

Winter in the Yukon is a harsh cold place; but one amphibian has an especially creative way to survive!

April 4th @ 11:00am eastern

The wood frog, or Ts’al in Southern Tutchone, has an incredible adaptation to survive the winter cold. It freezes solid! Join the Kluane team as we go in search of these small (but mighty!) amphibians and learn about how they survive freezing temperatures, where they live, and how they’re important to the whole ecosystem!

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Multiple National Parks

Whoa there, bear! Before you head into the woods, join us to learn about which animals you might see and what you can do to keep them safe.

April 5th @ 11:00am eastern

Jonelle and Aaron are on a mission to track down three of Canada’s coolest animals in three of Canada’s coolest National Parks. Come join them as they use sights and sounds to identify these animals’ traces and tracks (and help them teach three new visitors to the parks how to keep your new animal friends safe). Grab your water bottle, ’cause we’re about to set out on a monster, cross-Canada outdoor adventure!

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Thousand Islands National Park

How can the Gray Ratsnake, a truly gentle giant, navigate life and terrain divided by major highways that see more than 30 000 cars a day?

April 13th @ 11:00am eastern

A curious TV journalist meets the Parks Canada team that’s tracking Gray Ratsnakes to locate the snakes’ secret winter hideout. It’s a game of hide-and-seek with Canada’s longest snake as we follow these snakes through the forests and lands where they live, love and hunt. Join us on our stakeout to learn how this, and other species move across divided landscapes and international borders – without a passport!

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Jasper National Park

What time is it? Caribou time!

Has time run out for woodland caribou in Jasper National Park… or can you help to save an endangered species?

April 19th @ 1:00pm eastern

Sabrina finds a caribou themed time machine. It only runs on quarters (of course!). She discovers that when it comes to caribou in Jasper National Park, small changes can have big consequences.

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Thaidene Nene National Park Reserve

Experience the “Land of the Ancestors” – from Boreal Forest to the Tundra

Muskoxen, caribou, grizzly bears, lakes, cliffs and waterfalls – oh my! Are you ready for the adventure in protected lands?

May 2nd @ 11:00am eastern

Through the eyes of a local youth, discover Thaidene Nene, the “Land of the Ancestors,” and learn about the Indigenous way of life and the importance of protecting this special place. Travel a historic route from the community of Łutsël K’é, on the shores of Great Slave Lake to the wild tundra landscape of the Barrenlands –home to muskoxen, caribou and grizzly bear.

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Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site

What are artifacts, and what can they reveal about life in New France in the 1700?

May 12th @ 1:00pm eastern

Artefacts are objects left behind by people in the past, and they all have stories to tell. Join Parks Canada specialists to take a closer look at artefacts found at the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic site. These unique, special objets will lead us on our journey to learn more about the daily lives of people who lived here hundreds of years ago.

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Red Bay National Historic Site

Tales of whales and chalupas, exploring the Shores of Labrador in the 1500

May 16th @ 11:00am eastern

Adventure with us to the little sheltered harbour of Red Bay along the southeastern coast of Labrador. Tiny but mighty it is and so special that it carries the huge title of National Historic Site and UNESCO World Heritage Site today! Bursting with culture and history, the shores of the bay once were filled with many 16th century Basque whalers making it the Whaling Capital of the World and of whose oil lit the lamps of Europe! Hear one hardy whaler tell a tale of whales and of the bustling life at Red Bay. Discover as well how we know today that the Basque and other peoples were there back in the 1500s and even long before that!

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Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve

The fascinating life of the Atlantic Puffin and other seabirds that call the Mingan archipelago home

May 18th @ 11:00am eastern

On a small island in the Gulf of St-Lawrence, Atlantic Puffins and other seabirds return every summer. Learn about the lifecycle, habitat, identification and adaptations of seabirds, as well as the threats climate change and other activities pose to these amazing birds.

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Green Gables Heritage Place at L. M. Montgomery’s Cavendish National Historic Site

“It’s delightful when your imaginations come true isn’t it?” Fact, fiction and the inspiration for one of Canada’s most beloved tales.

May 19th @ 11:00am eastern

Green Gables Heritage Place is the site of the farm that was the inspiration for L.M. Montgomery’s famous novel Anne of Green Gables. Join us for a virtual tour as we learn about the life of one of Canada’s most famous authors and the novel that has inspired generations of people from around the world to visit Prince Edward Island. Let the themes of imagination, beauty, friendship, belonging, freedom and self be your guides as we take you into one small corner of one small island; and the great big world of wonder it inspired.

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