Power of Community

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Statement on the power of community

from Hearts in the Ice

As we celebrate community- we celebrate the immense power people possess when they band together with others to ignite change. We celebrate the diversity of thought that exists and the innovation that results from collaboration. Sunniva and Hilde have spent close to 16 months isolated in the Arctic yet they have amassed many “heartbeats”.

“Heartbeats” that include thousands of individuals around the world that care deeply and want to do “something” to participate in action around climate change, researchers that trust and rely on their data collection and observations, and partners that support their education sharing and outreach and stand firmly committed to sustainable ideas and innovation that will create a better, more equitable tomorrow for all of us. Where there is hope, there is light. Where there is light, there is a way.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ― Margaret Mead.

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Nacho Dean | Naturalist and Explorer

March 11th @ 12:00pm eastern

Next Thursday, March 11th, Nacho Dean will share with passion the expeditions that led him to walk around the world and connect the 5 continents by swimming, the environments and the cultures of the countries he crossed and his vision for a more sustainable future. Because global action is needed, he will focus on the power of community and the importance of acting all together, the need to preserve the natural resources (the water, the food, the forests…) and those things we can change in our daily life to respect the environment and live in balance with the planet.”

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Nacho Dean is a Naturalist, Professional explorer and Popularizer. The 1st and only person in history who has traveled around the entire world on foot and connected the 5 continents by swim. Beyond the feat, what is really important is the purpose for which he undertakes his expeditions: the conservation of the environment.

From 2013 to 2016 he walked around the world, an expedition that took him to cover 4 continents, 31 countries and 33.000 kilometers on foot to document climate change.

Between 2018 and 2019 he completed the Nemo Expedition, a challenge that has led him to join the 5 continents by swimming to launch a message of ocean conservation.

Nacho is an ambassador of the Marine Stewardship Council, Step by Water Alliance and A Forest for the Earth.

Fabrice DeClerck | Food Security and Sustainability

March 18th @ 1:00pm eastern

Join Fabrice as he shares how his research and travels around the world have shown to him the importance of food in all aspects of our life. He’s convinced that diversity, including biodiversity, but also diversity of cultures, of people, of food and ideas are what makes life on earth not just possible, but interesting and enjoyable. Learn how our food security is under threat due to climate change and how we can work towards more sustainability in the way we produce food. 

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Fabrice is a Belgian ecologist and geographer who likes to think about, research, and act on food as a way of protecting both people and the planet. He’s been hugely lucky to get to live, work and play in many parts of the world from California, to Mexico and Costa Rica, Burkina Faso (who’s capital is one of his favorite place names – Ougadougou), and to India, and Cambodia. In these travels Fabrice has been able to meet farmers and foodies from across the world and has become convinced that food, which is our most intimate relationship with our own health, and also our most intimate relationship with the planet is our best bet at a planetary solution that we can all bite into.

When Fabrice is not working on food, agriculture and the environment you can usually find him working in the garden, or taking long backpacking trips in the mountains. Fabrice lives in Montpellier with his wife and two kids.

Inge Relph | We Need Arctic Angels

March 25th @ 1:00pm eastern

Join Inge Relph as she shares the importance of community and collaboration as we tackle the loss of polar ice. There is an exciting uptick in climate action, yet we have failed to prioritize the Ice Crisis. On our watch, we have lost 28 trillion tonnes of Polar Ice in less than 30 years. The Arctic has already warmed by 2°C (3.6°F) – 4°C (7.2°F). 

On the frontlines of the Ice Crisis, 4 million Arctic dwellers and generations of Indigenous wisdom are at risk. The impact of the Ice Crisis is global and exponential. Accelerating Antarctic ice melt is responsible for approx. 94% of the sea level rise, which is set to affect 600 million coastal residents directly and a further 1.5 billion people indirectly.

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Inge Relph feels she has been travelling by the seat of her pants all her life! She is the Executive Director and co-Founder of GlobalChoices, a female led organisation working with their youth led intergenerational community of Arctic Angels to highlight how critical it is to protect the Polar ice. Her journey has taken her from senior roles in Business, to working for Presidents and Prime Ministers and Royalty, to working with some of the poorest in war torn countries like Syria, Iraq, Libya and Egypt where survival depends on community.

In response she has founded 6 successful organisations and facilitated innumerable partnerships to try and make the world a better place, believing everyone should have a chance to lead healthy and safe lives. Her journey has also been an inner one, inspired by the resilience, courage and creativity of so many willing to work for the common good. Even with the threats to climate and biodiversity, she has great faith in young people being able to contribute to co-creating the world in a way never before dreamed possible.

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