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Polar Bears in Svalbard With Jon Aars

December 10th @ 1:00pm eastern

Learn all about polar bears in Svalbard with Dr. Jon Aars, a senior researcher who is responsible for the polar bear research program at the Norwegian Polar Institute. Jon spends a lot of time in the field, which is his favorite thing about his job! He loves being out and experiencing nature on Svalbard under all weather conditions. One part of the work he does is satellite tracking polar bears to learn more about where they go on the sea ice and how they are adapting to a changing Arctic climate. Learn more about the polar bears and ask your questions live!

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Polar Bears and the Importance of Sea-ice with Stephanie Penk and Louise Archer

December 13th @ 12pm eastern

Join Stephanie and Louise as they explore the important role of sea-ice to polar bear populations across the Arctic, and the challenges they face as sea-ice is lost.

Stephanie Penk is a recently graduated PhD from the University of Toronto. Her research focuses on further developing our understanding of polar bear energy requirements. By understanding how much energy polar bears need to grow, survive, and reproduce, we can make justifiable predictions about how the reduced access to seals (i.e., incoming energy) that comes with sea ice loss impacts the health of populations.

Louise is postdoctoral researcher at University of Toronto Scarborough, where she is using theory to develop models of polar bear energy uptake and expenditure (termed “energy budgets”). These energy budgets can help us to understand how polar bear reproduction, survival, and population dynamics will respond to rapid Arctic warming and resulting declines in sea-ice, contributing to conservation efforts. Originally from Ireland, she is now based in Toronto and spends as much time as possible exploring the Canadian outdoors.

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