Stories From Our World Underwater Scholarship Society

Stories from Our World-Underwater

Scholarship Society:

50 Years in the Making

Since 1974, the Our World-Underwater Scholarship Society® has provided firsthand experiences in underwater-related disciplines to young people considering careers in the underwater world through scholarship and internship programs. Each selected scholar spends a year getting hands-on experience with leaders in aquatic and marine related fields including science, technology, engineering, hyperbaric medicine, archaeology, conservation, and underwater photography. Interns participate in shorter targeted experiences with hosts including Divers Alert Network, the United States National Park ServiceReef Environmental Education Foundation, and the American Academy of Underwater Sciences.
This year OWUSS is celebrating its 50 th year of supporting some incredible water people! As part of this EBTSOYP series you will hear from five OWUSS Alumni who have made significant
contributions to the underwater world.
This series will run monthly from January to May 2024, culminating in an in-person storytelling event in NYC in June! It is a collaborative initiative between OWUSS, EBTSOYP, and The Story Collider, and is made possible through Rolex’s Perpetual Planet Initiative.

Upcoming Events

Sharks of the World with Arzucan Askin

To be rescheduled!

Arzucan Askin is a National Geographic Explorer, OWUSS Scholar and conservation scientist with a passion for the protection of endangered marine wildlife. The best thing about her job is to be in the water:  Her work has taken her across the world from studying blue whales in the Arctic, to removing ghost gear from shipwrecks in the Mediterranean, to monitoring coral reef ecosystems in Southeast Asia all the way to searching for deep sea sharks in the Indian Ocean.