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Martina Fjällberg | Indigenous Climate Activist

October 14th @ 1:00pm eastern/1900 CET

Join Hearts in the Ice from Reykjavik at the Arctic Circle Assembly in conversation with Indigenous Climate Activist Martina Fjällberg.

The Arctic Circle Assembly, the largest annual international gathering on the Arctic, will take place in Reykjavík, October 14-17. This will also be the first big multi- sectorial gathering in Europe to take place since the Covid-19 pandemic began. Over 400 speakers will address more than 100 sessions. Attendance will exceed 1000 participants coming from 50 different countries.

Martina Fjällberg is a 22 year old Saami reindeer herder from Njaarke Saami village in the midnorth of Sweden. She is currently living in Umeå getting her bachelor’s degree in biology and geoscience at Umeå University. For years now she have been a board member of the Saami youth organisation Sáminuorra and is currently vice president of the organisation. In and outside Sáminuorra Martina works a lot with climate change and its affects on the Saami culture and especially its affects on reindeer herding. In the future she intends to work with nature conservation and since the Saami culture and nature conservation goes hand in hand she believes that combining these will be crucial for the survival of both nature and the Saami culture. 

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