Ocean Week Canada

Ocean Week Canada

June 7th – 11th, 2021

Ocean Week Canada amplifies and supports community events taking place in celebration of the annual World Ocean(s) Day –  June 8th. Ocean Week Canada also coordinates and collaborates on a shared program of national events and activities that is made possible by the coordination and collaboration of many partners from coast to coast to coast. We work together to advance awareness and celebrate World Ocean(s) Day/ Week as we recognize the important role the ocean plays in our everyday lives and the lives of future generations.

Ocean Week Canada is also grounded in the work led by the Canadian Ocean Literacy Coalition (COLC). On March 16, 2021 COLC launched  Land, Water, Ocean, Us: A Canadian Ocean Literacy Strategy and accompanying Implementation Plan: Pathways for Collaborationin which growing ‘Ocean Week Canada’ is identified as one of  9 Action Streams outlined to advance ocean literacy in Canada over the course of the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030). 



Virtual Classroom Events

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Jill Heinerth | Underwater Canada

June 7th @ 11:00am eastern

Join Jill as she explores shipwrecks, polar bears and Canada’s longest underwater cave, revealing a diverse landscape of opportunities for diving and research in Canada!

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Boris Worm | Why I Love Sharks

June 7th @ 1:00pm eastern

Boris will talk about sharks and their relatives, how they have survived since the time before the dinosaurs, but now face unprecedented threats from people. He will explain what we can do to save sharks, and how we can relate to them other than through our fears. He will share some underwater video of his latest Ocean School expedition to a very sharky place and make everyone look for sharks in a virtual reality exercise called Dive Detectives.

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Dwight Owens | Sea of Plastic

June 8th @ 1:00pm eastern

Join Dwight Owens of Ocean Networks Canada as he explores the problem of and solutions for trash in our oceans! Dwight has over 25 years’ experience in design and development of rich media and interactive education. Much of this work has been science-related. Since joining Ocean Networks Canada in 2008, Dwight has been immersed in the fascinating world of ocean sciences, supporting communications, outreach, and engagement with geophysicists, marine biologists, oceanographers, seismologists and acousticians.

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Andrea Jane Reid | Indigenous Fisheries Science

June 9th @ 1:00pm eastern

Andrea will use the life history of salmon as a metaphor to share her fisheries research and the story of how her work as a fish and fisheries scientist reconnected her with her Indigenous roots. She will speak on the brilliance of Indigenous fisheries science and why we stand to gain so much by embracing more than one way of knowing.

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Jennifer Putland & Monika Pelz | Discoveries from the Deep

June 10th @ 11:00am eastern

Join Ocean Networks Canada’s K-12 Educators Jennifer Putland and Monika Pelz for an engaging presentation “Discoveries from the Deep”. New discoveries in ocean science are happening every day thanks to scientists, technology, knowledge holders, and inquisitive, keen-eyed citizens.  This presentation will explore a little of each of these aspects, and enrich your understanding of the ocean!

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Jackie Hildering | Explore Northwest Coast Waters with the ‘Marine Detective’

June 10th @ 1:00pm eastern

Jackie will share mysteries big and small, from Humpback Whales who have learned to feed in a completely new way, to species who don’t even have a name. It will be all about the life hidden in the cold, dark Canadian Ocean, how little we know, and why it’s so important.

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Caroline Senay | Une histoire qui ne finit pas en queue de poisson!

June 11th @ 11:00am eastern

Caroline Senay est passionnée par la biologie depuis son très jeune âge. Elle a effectué un Baccalauréat en Physiologie animale et a poursuivi ses études à la Maîtrise en Écologie des poissons. Maintenant, elle travaille comme biologiste en évaluation de stocks pour le Ministère des Pêches et des Océans à l’Institut Maurice-Lamontagne au Québec. Son travail constitue à évaluer la quantité de poisson disponible pour la pêche et à mieux comprendre la biologie des poissons, ainsi que les conséquences qu’ils peuvent avoir sur l’écosystème. Ses recherches visent à fournir des recommandations au gouvernement du Canada à propos des taux d’exploitation et des mesures de gestion afin d’encadrer la pêche dans le Golfe du St-Laurent. Caroline vous parlera du parcours scolaire et professionnel qui l’a menée à travailler pour une gestion durable des ressources marines dans l’Atlantique.

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Bill Halliday | Whale Acoustics

June 11th @ 1:00pm eastern

William is a conservation scientist with Wildlife Conservation Society Canada. He lives and works in Victoria, British Columbia, but also spends a lot of time in the western Canadian Arctic for his research. He studies whales, seals, and fish in the Canadian Arctic by listening to them underwater using underwater microphones (hydrophones). He is interested in how these Arctic marine animals react to changes being brought on by climate change, including the loss of sea ice and increased shipping in the Arctic.

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All events will be recorded for later viewing


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