Ingenious+ is where your innovation takes flight!

Created by The Rideau Hall Foundation, Ingenious+ gives young Canadians aged 14 to 18 the opportunity to innovate for good, and to share strategies for improving our world.

If you have an amazing project, this is the innovation challenge for you!

Ingenious+ is an innovation challenge that empowers you to turn your ideas into reality. it’s refining an existing solution, creating something entirely new, or addressing a pressing issue, your innovation matters. We’ve got your back with financial support, learning experiences, and mentorship from leading Canadian innovators.

Ingenious+ welcomes you to submit your innovation across five impactful themes: 

  • Community and Civic Engagement 
  • Climate Change and the Environment 
  • Equity and Inclusion 
  • Health and Well-being 
  • Technology and Entrepreneurship 

Are you ready to become Ingenious+ innovator?

Don’t miss your chance to receive up to $10,000, plus mentorship and learning opportunities that could shape your future. Be the change you wish to see.

Ingenious+ Year Three Launch

On October 18th we kicked off Ingenious+ year three! We had a packed house as we talk about Ingenious+ through the lens of equity and inclusion. Joining us were the inspiring Martin Basiri, CEO Apply Board & Passage, the amazing Melissa Allen, Executive Director League of Innovators and the incredible Thivya Jeyapalan, year 2 Ingenious+ National Winner & Key Of Sight Founder, a music program for the vulnerable sector.


Event # 1


Tackling Food Waste with Chinova Bioworks David Brown

November 28th @ 11:00am eastern

Join David, a biotech entrepreneur and the Co-Founder of Chinova Bioworks. They are using a fiber extracted from the stems of white button mushrooms to create a natural solution to improve the quality, freshness and shelf-life of many food products, while reducing food waste! David will speak about his journey as an innovator and importance of youth innovation.

Created by the Rideau Hall Foundation, Ingenious+ allows for Canadian youth, ages 14 to 18, to innovate for good and eligible submissions could receive between $1,000 and $10,000 plus mentorship and learning opportunities! Applications are accepted from October 17, 2023 to February 22, 2024. Find out where innovation takes flight:



Event # 2


Melissa Allen, League of Innovators’ Executive Director

December 6th @ 1:00pm eastern

Calling all youth changemakers, innovators, and entrepreneurs! Do you want to learn how can you transform an idea into a business that changes the planet, the world, and life as we know it? Join us for this exciting program as part of the Ingenious + series featuring Melissa Allen, League of Innovators’ Executive Director, a national Canadian charity that empowers young people to be their own bosses in life and career. Melissa will talk about the tools needed to help you identify your values, passion, and gifts and how you can turn them into an idea that will be your spark for the change YOU want to see in the world. You don’t want to miss it!

Created by the Rideau Hall Foundation, Ingenious+ is a program that helps fund and support young entrepreneurs, changemakers, and innovators. Since 2021, Ingenious+ has funded 82 projects, given funding to 114 changemakers, young business leaders, and more Canadian youth through Ingenious+. Submit your innovation by Feb 22, 2024! 



Event # 3


Audra Renyi, Executive Director World Wide Hearing & Errita Xu, Ingenious+ National Winner

January 15th @ 11:00am eastern

Our Ingenious+ Series is kicking off 2024 with Audra Renyi, Executive Director World Wide Hearing, a non-profit that designs distribution programs to provide hearing care for children around the world. Audra has worked as an investment banker on Wall Street, with Doctors Without Borders running the finances and human resources for a refugee hospital in Chad, and worked as Director of Development at Canada World Youth.

Also, you’ll hear from 2023 Ingenious+ National Award recipient, Errita Xu. Errita’s innovation took on a crucial challenge – finding sustainable alternatives to traditional road salts.

Innovate for good! Created by the Rideau Hall Foundation, Ingenious+ gives youth the chance to receive $1,000 (or more!) plus mentorship and learning opportunities to grow their innovation. It’s not too late, submit your innovation by Feb 22, 2024!



Event # 4


SmartICE & Simone Beshtoev, The Abbey Business Club founder, Ingenious+ Regional Winner

February 13th @ 1:00pm eastern

Blending Indigenous knowledge with advanced science! Join us for our latest Ingenious+ Session as we share the incredible story of SmartICE. SmartICE is the world’s first climate change adaptation tool designed to understand sea ice conditions with a business model that aims to expand opportunities for economic and social development in northern markets while preserving local cultures and lifestyles in Canada’s North!

Also, you’ll hear from year 2 Ingenious + Regional Winner, Simone Beshtoev. Simone founded the Abbey Business Club, an initiative aimed at equipping young women with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the business world.

There is still time to apply! Ingenious+ gives youth the chance to receive $1,000 (or more!) plus mentorship and learning opportunities to grow their innovation. Submit your innovation by Feb 22, 2024!


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