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Ocean Conservation 4 schools: Live from IMPAC5

From February 3-9, 2023, ocean conservation leaders and professionals from around the world are convening in Vancouver, Canada for the International Marine Protected Areas Congress (IMPAC5). 

The 5 main themes of IMPAC5 are:

Included in these convening experts are youth and young professionals who are playing an important role in transforming how we think about the ocean, the connections between ocean health and our own health, marine-related careers, ocean-climate solutions, and so much more! 

LIVE from IMPAC5 gives schools across Canada, and globally, an opportunity to meet, listen to, and speak with four young professionals who are creating an inspiring wave of hope, talent, and change to ensure a healthy ocean for current and future generations. 

Learn more about these 4 inspiring leaders below and sign up today! Camera spots are limited. These presentations will also be recorded and put on youtube for post-event viewing and sharing! 

Format: 15 minute presentation, followed by lively facilitated Q&A for approx 25 min.

Bodhi Patil, Co-Founder of Ocean Uprise and Sea Dragon Studios

February 6th @ 1:45pm eastern/10:45am pacific

Title: Discovering the Ocean, Discovering Yourself

Description: The Ocean is a portal into an unknown world, full of mystery, nuance, and wonder. In many cases, this watery world is similar to our own inner world. So much still remains unexplored, to be discovered, and better understood. Bodhi will take you on a journey as he shares his love for the blue planet, his work as a United Nations ocean-climate solutionist, and his top takeaways for becoming an equitable ocean guardian for life. From co-creating a youth-led ocean action platform and working with young people on plastic pollution, ocean ecosystems, biodiversity protection, and ocean-climate solutions, to inspiring change at global conferences through intergenerational collaboration, Bodhi shares his wavy path to impact. This session will show you that in “Discovering the Ocean, you can Discover Yourself,” and teach you the key tips for meaningful, love-based change in your community and around the world. 


Achare Elvis Ayamba, Founder & Executive Director of the Environment and Food Foundation

February 7th @1:45pm eastern/10:45am pacific

Title: Conservation Stories and Lessons from Cameroon

Description: As the Founder and Executive Director of the Environment and Food Foundation (E2F), Ayamba’s work focuses on promoting sustainable management, conservation, and use of marine and aquatic ecosystems – such as mangroves, wetlands, lakes, streams, rivers, and the ocean. He will share stories and images from three programs that he is currently coordinating, including: the collection and evaluation of marine plastics waste in Douala, biodiversity conservation and restoration through community participation in Lake Ossa Wildlife Reserve, and participatory management and restoration of mangroves forest ecosystems in Douala-Edea National Park. Join Ayamba and learn conservation lessons from the field in Cameroon.


Neha Acharya-Patel, Marine conservationist, scientist & professional diver

February 8th @ 1:45pm eastern/10:45am pacific

Title: Seeing the Invisible

Description: Neha has participated in ocean science and diving expeditions around the world. Currently, she is doing research developing environmental DNA (eDNA) tests to assess the health of the ocean. eDNA refers to the tiny bits of animal and plant DNA that are floating around in the seawater. This DNA can answer important questions about marine ecosystems by allowing scientists to “see the invisible.” Today, the ocean is stressed; it is susceptible to warming, acidification, deoxygenation, and pollution. Developing innovative techniques like eDNA to assess marine health can help us make better informed decisions to protect the ocean. Visit Neha’s website to learn more and check out this cool video of her work!


Marie-Philippe Ouellet, IUCN Commission on Education and Communication North America Regional Vice-Chair

February 9th @1:45pm eastern/10:45am pacific

Title: From local to global, inspired by #NatureForAll

Description: The power of people and community is what drives Marie-Philippe to get involved in the world of nature conservation. According to her, everyone has a place and all initiatives, local or global, make a difference. Inspired by the #NatureForAll movement since its launch in 2016, she supports the idea that the more people live, connect, and share their love for nature, the more support and action there will be for its conservation. Learn about what the International Union for the Conservation of Nature is and how young professionals are taking on leadership roles. She will also share why youth initiatives, such as the #NatureForAll Playbook and the #NatureForAll Storytelling Festival, inspire her to take action towards a bluer and greener world. Marie-Phillippe reminds us of the importance of intergenerational connections and collaboration to conserve nature, and how the power of storytelling can transform our collective relationship with nature. 


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