Hearts in the Ice 2021/2022

Hearts in the Ice has kicked off the 2021-22 school year.

Join them on September Sept 24th in conversation with author Mary Ellen Hannibal as they talk about citizen science to power action: https://www.exploringbytheseat.com/lesson/searching-heroes-hope-time-climate-change/

Hearts is the Ice (HITI) is the team of Hilde Fålun Strøm and Sunniva Sorby – two seasoned polar ambassadors and citizen scientists. Hearts in the ice was created in 2018 and is a platform for social engagement connecting students, scientists, manufacturers, environmental organizations, and all who care about the health of our planet, in the conversation around climate change and ways we can all be a part of the solution.


From September 2019 to May 2021 Sunniva and Hilde spent a total of 18 months living in a remote trappers cabin called “Bamsebu” located in South Spitsbergen National park in Svalbard, isolated and 140 km from the closest neighbor.

With a zero carbon footprint, no running water and no electricity, they relied on solar and wind for power needs. They used a Thales-Marlink connected Satellite and were self-sufficient.  

News features were numerous including a recent feature in TIME MAGAZINE

Over the course of those 18 months they were able to connect with over 100,000 youth/individuals  from around the world working with their education partner Exploring by the Seat of your pants. They hosted live classroom video calls while they called in via satellite and connected experts to youth on relevant topics to address and understand climate change and what we as individuals can do to affect change.

Monthly topics included: Technology, Weather, Polar Bears, Our Ocean, Plastics, Power of Community, Citizen Science, Mental & Physical health, Bio-diversity, Global women in STEM and Citizen Science.

Explore the 2020/2021 event series here: https://www.exploringbytheseat.com/hiti-2/

“Hearts in the Ice is more than a project, more than two brave women managing to stay on their own during a polar winter. It is a model for how scientists, industrial partners, explorers, artists and other stakeholders can meet in a common action to focus on polar climate changes. They are following in the footsteps of other polar pioneers, but his time not hunting for fur and skins, but knowledge and wisdom” – Borge Damsgard – UNIS

Science partners during those 18 months included: Scripps Institution of Oceanography (Fjordphyto), BCIT- Indrobotics, NASA (Globe observer, Aurorasaurus and a Rocket Launch), Norwegian Polar Institute, the University Centre of Svalbard and a joint project on Isolation and Coping with the University of Bergen, University of Minnesota and University of Manchester. Isolation and Coping in extreme environments. Testimonials around data collected, value and team competency to conduct extreme citizen science is available upon request.

Now that Hilde and Sunniva are out of Isolation they will be hosting monthly calls with experts from both Svalbard and from a sustainable IGLOO based on Vancouver Island Canada through June 2022.

Citizen science is not the answer to Climate change but is an actionable way to involve all of us so that we make wise choices, give where we can , take what we need , be a part of the solution and elect leaders that understand the urgency around action TODAY.

Our community is your community so spread us far and wide and by doing that you are sharing  valuable education resources, global experts and stories that can help us bridge the divide that should know no boundaries.

September 2021 – Power of Citizen Science 

Education Partner Hurtigruten Expeditions 

October 2021Food & Agriculture

Education Partner Hyundai

November 2021Mental & Physical Health

Education Partner Telus

December 2021 Polar bears & Sea Ice

Education Partner Canada Goose

January 2022 – Polar Night and Aurora

Education Partner Handelens Miljøfond

February 2022Global Women in Science & Exploration

Education Partner Hurtigruten Expeditions 

March 2022 – Power of Community & Diversity

Education Partner DeWALT

April 2022 – Climate Change

May 2022 – Biodiversity

Education Partner WINGS World Quest

June 2022 – Ocean

Canadian Arctic 2022-23

From the fall of 2022- Spring of 2023 Hearts in the Ice will fulfill a Citizen Science/Education Outreach Expedition in the Canadian Arctic.

The goals of this would be to build off a very successful platform of education, citizen science and community engagement while elevating the wisdom, decades of knowledge and voices of the indigenous from the far north.

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