Exploring by the Seat of Your Pants High School

Exploring by the Seat of Your Pants High School is our new program created to introduce high school students to strong role models and exciting new STEM career paths. Each month we’ll host a series of live virtual connections for students with STEM professionals from around the world. These experts will represent a variety of exciting careers, they are leaders on the frontlines of their fields. These events will dive deeper into their stories, exploring the path they took to their careers, what they do day to day and exciting opportunities in their fields. They’ll share successes and failures, exciting research and discoveries, and dig into important and challenging issues.

Each week, we’ll be releasing a new video featuring different STEM professionals talking about their careers.  

Finally, each month we’ll have an after hours event where students can meet an exciting scientist or explorer for an informal ‘ask me anything’ type event.

September Virtual Events

Martina Capriotti | Marine Biologist

September 15th @ 9:00am eastern

Martina was born on the coast of the Adriatic Sea and developed an interest in ocean protection as a young scuba diver when she noticed pollution amid grazing fish on a trash-strewn reef. She received the National Geographic and Sky Ocean Rescue Scholarship, which supported her research on microplastics and chemical contamination in the Adriatic Sea. With this project, she hopes to warn people of the real damages that marine litter can have on the planet and the human community. She is currently studying how microplastics can affect suspension feeders as a postdoc at the University of Connecticut.

Jeff Fuchs | Documenting Himalayan Trade Routes

September 25th @ 1:00pm eastern

Tea junkie and award-winning Himalayan explorer, mountain guide, and author Jeff has spent the last 17 years documenting and tracking Himalayan trade routes and their participants. Author of the Ancient Tea Horse Road and most recently the subject of the award-winning documentary, The Tea Explorer, he lived in the eastern Himalayas for more than a decade, led and been a part of over 30 Himalayan expeditions and was recently voted as one of ‘Canada’s 100 Greatest Explorers’ by the Royal Canadian Geographic Society.

Rain Forest Biological Station | A Day in the Life

September 29th @ 12:00pm eastern

Take a virtual field trip to Osa Conservation’s biological station in Costa Rica, a bubble of conservation and tropical science innovation. National Geographic Explorer Dr. Andrew Whitworth will show students real life in a remote rainforest research station — including identifying plant specimens under microscopes in the conservation’s science laboratory, utilizing audio recorders to monitor monkey calls, identifying dung beetles in the library and preparing meals with produce from the organic farm.

Anna Robuck | Live Seabird Dissection

September 30th @ 10:00am eastern

Join Anna for a live dissection of a seabird to see if we find plastic in its stomach. Her research examines “new” contaminants like water repellant compounds compared to “legacy” pollutants like flame retardants in seabird tissue and ocean water, to better figure out how seabirds are accumulating these pollutants. She also characterizes plastic ingestion in seabirds to better figure out how plastics accumulate in birds. She is the managing editor of oceanbites.org and constantly seeks to spread awareness about plastic and chemical pollution in the oceans.

Roma Agrawal | Structural Engineer

October 30th @ 10:00am eastern

Roma is a structural engineer with a physics degree. She’s always loved science and design and found engineering to be a great combination between the two. Roma has designed bridges, skyscrapers and sculptures with signature architects over her fourteen year career. She spent six years working on The Shard, the tallest building in Western Europe, and designed the foundations and the ‘Spire’. She loves to present to students about about engineering and women in male-dominated professions. In addition to winning industry awards, her career has been extensively featured in the media, including on BBC World News, BBC Daily Politics, TEDx, The Sunday Times, The Telegraph and more. Roma was the only woman featured on Channel 4’s documentary on the Shard, ‘The Tallest Tower’.