Exploring by the Seat of Your Pants High School

Exploring by the Seat of Your Pants High School is our new program created to introduce high school students to strong role models and exciting new STEM career paths. Each month we’ll host a series of live virtual connections for students with STEM professionals from around the world. These experts will represent a variety of exciting careers, they are leaders on the frontlines of their fields. These events will dive deeper into their stories, exploring the path they took to their careers, what they do day to day and exciting opportunities in their fields. They’ll share successes and failures, exciting research and discoveries, and dig into important and challenging issues.

Each week, we’ll be releasing a new video featuring different STEM professionals talking about their careers.  

Finally, each month we’ll have an after hours event where students can meet an exciting scientist or explorer for an informal ‘ask me anything’ type event.

September Virtual Events

Virtual Trip to SNOLAB with Dr. Erica Caden

November 5th @ 11:00am eastern

SNOLAB is a world-class science facility located deep underground in the operational Vale Creighton nickel mine, near Sudbury, Ontario in Canada. The combination of great depth and cleanliness that SNOLAB affords allows extremely rare interactions and weak processes to be studied. The science programme at SNOLAB is currently focussed on sub-atomic physics, largely neutrino and dark matter. At 2km, SNOLAB is the deepest clean room facility in the world. Dr. Erica Caden completed her PhD at Drexel University working on the Double Chooz neutrino experiment. As a research scientist, Erica is involved in the neutrino projects at SNOLAB (SNO+ & HALO) as well as science education and outreach activities. For SNO+, she is the detector manager responsible for keeping the experiment running smoothly day to day.

COVID-19, Vaccines and How They Work

November 9th @ 1:00pm eastern

Dr. Tania Watts has dedicated her career to the study of how our bodies respond to infections like HIV and influenza. As a professor at the University of Toronto, Dr. Watts has spent many years studying T Cells, a type of white blood cell that plays a very important role in the immune system. Her lab currently studies T cell responses to viruses and like many labs around the world, has now turned its attention to SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Dr. Watts’ work informs the creation of vaccines and her insights have contributed to the understanding of what will and won’t work as the world searches to vaccinate itself against the virus.

Join us in conversation with Dr. Tania Watts as she explains how her lessons learned about influenza have informed today’s research on COVID-19.

Du bacon durable, c’est possible avec Candido Pomar

November 16th @ 1:00pm eastern

Raffolez-vous du bacon, mais vous préoccupez-vous aussi de son impact sur l’environnement et sur le climat ? Candido Pomar vous propose de faire le grand tour de la question.

Chercheur au Centre de recherche et de développement d’Agriculture et Agroalimentaire Canada à Sherbrooke au Québec, c’est un expert mondial de l’alimentation du porc. Il est aussi professeur adjoint à l’Université de Sherbrooke, à l’Université Laval ainsi qu’à l’Université UNESP à Sao Paolo au Brésil. C’est un véritable passionné de tout ce qui touche au porc et à l’environnement.

La production porcine occupe une place très importante au Canada. La viande de porc est appréciée de bien des gens et sa production supporte de nombreuses familles et communautés au pays. Elle en nourrit aussi beaucoup d’autres à travers le monde.

M. Pomar vous parlera de techniques et d’appareils de haute technologie fort intéressants pour réduire l’empreinte écologique de la production porcine. Pour l’amour du bacon soyez prêts à tout! Même à discuter d’excréments de porc!

CRISPR, Gene Editing and Food Science

November 17th @ 1:00pm eastern

Everywhere you look, people are talking about gene editing, one of the greatest scientific advances in recent memory. Dr. Barrangou is a prominent food scientist with North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina and in the early 2000s, he came across something really cool in his research-mysterious CRISPR-Cas systems, that turned out to be useful as a special, tiny molecular scalpel to edit parts of the genome by removing, adding or altering sections of the genome. It was a discovery that changed science forever. Scientists around the world now broadly use this technology to advance our understanding of almost every organism on the planet.

Learn more about the discovery, what it means and how the CRISPR Craze has become a global phenomenon. Join Dr. Barrangou live!

Ocean Wise at Vancouver Aquarium | Careers In Conservation

November 18th @ 11:00am eastern

Ocean Conservation thrives when a variety of perspectives, disciplines, and life experiences work together. Join our Ocean Wise educator at the Vancouver Aquarium to chat with a mentor who contributes their skills to ocean conservation in the fields of graphic and exhibit design, food services, aquarist, interpretation, animal husbandry, or engineering.

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