November | Mental and Physical Health

Mental and Physical Health

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Our theme this month is mental and physical health. We are grateful for the partnership of Telus to help us spread our message far and wide. As we all know climate change and the science around the changes are very real. Climate leadership is so important right now- there is so much at stake at this very defining time in our worlds . All of us have very different roles to play in this however it is so important to hold our leadership accountable regardless of their term in office .

There will never be business as usual.  There will never be travel as normal. It was JFK- who said “efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction” Let that quote be a call to action for all of us.

Being firmly rooted in the present our mental and physical health are primary. We need to take care of ourselves. Our collective purpose must be to preserve, protect and save our ocean, our natural spaces, and each other.

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Join Sunniva and Hilde from COP26 (Conference of the Parties) live from Glasgow, Scotland.

With Special Guest Gro Mjeldheim Sandal

November 9th @ 11:00am eastern/1700 CET


Gro is professor in psychology at the University of Bergen in Norway. Since the early 1990s she has been the principal investigator of large scale research projects funded by the European Space Agency focusing on psychological reactions during spaceflights and in other extreme environments. 

She has conducted series of studies with astronauts at the International Spaces Station (ISS), space simulation studies in hyperbaric chambers and polar expeditions to understand how people cope during exposure to extreme environments. 

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TELUS Wise Footprint with Amanda Lee

November 25th @ 1:00pm eastern/1900 CET

Amanda is a Senior Project Manager, supporting the TELUS Wise portfolio. TELUS Wise footprint is designed to help elementary school students learn how to be good digital citizens and keep their digital footprint clean and provide resources to help Canadians of all ages have a positive experience as digital citizens. 

She started her career at TELUS twenty two years ago. During that time she has held a variety of roles in Customer Experience, IT, Corporate Training, Mobile Devices, mCommerce and IoT. Amanda first got started with TELUS Wise as a volunteer in 2014 and transitioned to a full time role within the program in 2017. She resides in Toronto and enjoys spending her free time with her husband, teenager and her furry sidekick. She is passionate about Internet safety and enjoys researching new apps and reviewing tech related content.

Workshop Description: TELUS Wise footprint is designed to help elementary school students learn how to be good digital citizens and keep their digital footprint clean.

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