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Health Canada Presents Live Event Series

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Health Canada is coming to you live! Our mission is to protect the health of people in Canada by identifying the health risks in the environment and educating people on what they can do to live, work and play safely.

The presenters in this series work year-round on raising awareness of the health impacts of environmental hazards including chemicals, radiation and other contaminants. They often find themselves navigating the world between the science and the public, trying to make everything clear and encouraging people to take action to protect their health.

If you care about water and air quality, inside your home and in the outside in the world, then you are our kind of people. Our staff are excited to take you along with them on their adventures in environmental health.

Join With Your Class!

The events will be 45-50 minutes long and feature a 15-20 minute presentation from a speaker, followed by a live Kahoot! quiz and then Q&A with the speaker. These live events are free for classrooms to join and educators can choose to join in one of 3 ways:

1) Camera spot

Your class will appear on camera in the event and get a chance to interact directly with the speaker during the Q&A. There are a limited number of camera spots, 6 for each event.

2) Watch the live stream

Your class can tune in live via the YouTube stream during the event and still participate in the live Kahoot! quiz and send in some questions via the live chat.

3) Tune in later

These events will be recorded and placed in a playlist that can be viewed at anytime afterwards by the classrooms.

Check out the events below and use the links to register. We’ll reach out and set you up with all the details you need to join the live events!

Event #1: Healthy Homes

The Chemical Detectives: Identifying the Hazards in the Home!

February 28th @ 2:00pm eastern

Every day, we are exposed to chemicals and pollutants – in the air, food, and water. They are in products we use at home, at school and outside. While some chemicals may be beneficial to our health, others may pose a health risk if they’re not handled properly. Join in and learn to identify and manage health risks associated with chemicals and pollutants found in and around the home.


Event #2: Mold In Your Homes

Du moisi? Non merci!

March 1st @ 10:30am eastern

La présentation expliquera de façon divertissante qu’est-ce que la moisissure, où peut-on la retrouver, comment peut-elle représenter un risque pour la santé si elle se retrouve à l’intérieur et comment s’en débarasser. 


Event #3: Clean Air

Outdoor Air – Why Should I Care?

March 7th @ 11:00am eastern

Learn about outdoor air quality with Health Canada air quality and health specialist Jeff Eyamie. Jeff will talk about the sources of air pollution, how it affects your health, and what students can do to be air aware!


Event #4: Water

Une tempête dans mon verre d’eau

March 14th @ 10:30am eastern

Dans cette présentation sur l’eau potable, on parlera d’où vient l’eau qui sort du robinet, de quels contaminants peuvent s’y retrouver, ainsi que de notre rôle comme scientifiques à Santé Canada pour s’assurer que l’eau soit bonne à boire.


Event #5: Radiation

Radiation and Radon Gas with Kelley Bush

March 23rd @ 1:00pm eastern

Did you know that natural radiation is all around us? Kelley works for Health Canada’s Radiation Protection Bureau. She’s going to talk to the students about radiation and Radon Gas. She’ll share where radiation and radon comes from, why it’s important to know about it, what the health risks are, and what you can do to reduce those risks.