Frontiers for Young Minds

Frontiers for Young Minds is a unique science journal for kids. Fully and freely accessible online, with 1100+ articles and 33+ million views and downloads worldwide, we publish in English, Hebrew and Arabic, and will be adding Mandarin Chinese and French this year. Each article we publish is written by top researchers, including Nobel Prize winners, and is then peer-reviewed by young students aged 8-15, to ensure that everything is clear, accessible and engaging for their peers.

Kids learn not only about the latest science but also about how science works by being part of a crucial stage of the research process, and gain critical thinking skills for life. And our respected academic authors learn too – how to communicate outside their own research fields and make a truly global impact by enabling the young leaders of tomorrow’s world to understand the scientific breakthroughs of today.

Exploring by the Seat of Your Pants is teaming up with Frontiers for Young Minds in April to host a series of live events with their communities most read scientist writers!

The Events

Exploring Forests with Dr. John Van Stan

April 17th @ 1:30pm eastern 

John Van Stan is an ecohydrologist interested in what happens when plants and water meet during storms—rain, snow, sleet, or otherwise. He enjoys researching the roles that wet plants play in our Earth’s energy balance, nutrient cycles, and landscape ecology. He is currently an associate professor at Cleveland State University, where he leads the Wet Plant Lab. You can follow his lab on twitter:

Understanding Climate Change with Chris Jones 


April 19th @ 11:00am eastern 


Explore the cutting edge of climate science with Chris Jones – lead author with the IPCC and part of the international team working to understand our changing planet!


Trees Fighting Back with Dr. Melissa Mageroy

April 20th @ 11:00am eastern 

Learn about how trees resist insect invasions through chemical warfare and how they even form memories to help stave off future attacks with Dr. Melissa. Her work has taken her from Florida to Vancouver to Oslo to learn more about forests and the wildlife around them!

Animal Behaviour and Friendship with Dr. Didone Frigerio

April 20th @ 1:00pm eastern 

Didone studies animal behavior and is particularly interested how wild birds build friendships and partnerships which can help fight stress! She’s also a dedicated champion of citizen science and will explore ways that classes like yours can get involved in real science!

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