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The Darwin200 is a 2023-2025 Global Voyage following Charles Darwin’s famous journey on the HMS Beagle. The tall ship Oosterschelde will visit 32 locations around the world, staying for one week or longer in each location. There are three main objectives for this voyage:

1) Train 200 young conservationists, known as Darwin Leaders, to help change the world of tomorrow.

2) Inspire students globally through the World’s Most Exciting Classroom.

3) Solve real conservation problems through interactive research and science projects, engaging audiences across the globe.

Visit the official website for Darwin200 for more details and the live tracking map: https://darwin200.com/

The World’s Most Exciting Classroom

The World’s Most Exciting Classroom (WMEC) will broadcast a series of live events over 100 weeks (from August 2023 to July 2025) as the Oosterschelde and DARWIN200 team make their way around the world, following Charles Darwin’s Voyage of the Beagle. Each week’s live events are intended to inspire student’s curiosity and passion for learning. We’ll have live guest speakers, live uplinks from the ship or in the location it is visiting, experiments classrooms can replicate, Q&A sessions, Kahoot! quizzes, contests for exciting prizes and so much more! The WMEC is free for classrooms everywhere to join!

Register here for weekly updates : https://forms.gle/Xzwpc7THLiS82gbq7

Last Week’s WMEC Event

The Oosterschelde has arrived in Cape Verde! Join us for a live event from the island, meet some conservationists, take part in a new experiment, join in are Kahoot! quiz and Curiosity of the Week! We’ll have special guests from the Natural History Museum in London and the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth to take us into the world of the octopus. Darwin was fascinated by the octopus in the tide pools of Cape Verde and it was one of the first specimens he collected.

Next Event Episode 005: Sailing for Fernando de Noronha

The Oosterschelde has just left Cape Verde and is sailing across the Atlantic towards Fernando de Noronha! We’ll have a live uplink from the ship, learn about carnivorous plants, meet a Darwin Leader an learn about their Cape Verde conservation work, take part in a new experiment, join in are Kahoot! quiz and the Curiosity of the Week!

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