Climate Week NYC

Virtual Classroom Events

September 18th – 22nd

Welcome to The Explorers Club Climate Week NYC Events! We’ve brought together an exciting crew of scientist, explorers, researchers and storytellers to take students into the race to protect our planet. Join in all week long to meet with and learn from those on the frontlines of exploring, documenting, understanding and searching for solutions to our changing climate. 

Tuesday | September 19th

ARTofMELT Expedition with Jessie Creamean

September 19th @ 1:00pm eastern

Dr. Jessie Creamean just returned from the ARTofMELT expedition to the Arctic, working out on the sea ice to determine how cloud formation in polar regions is impacted by climate change. Jessie is an atmospheric scientist at Colorado State University. She is a researcher who studies tiny specks of material in the air called “aerosols” that become airborne from things like plants, soils, and the ocean, and how those aerosols help clouds form in the Arctic and Antarctic atmospheres. Jessie has been to the Arctic many times over the last 7 years. When she’s not researching the polar atmospheres, she likes to have adventures in the Colorado Rocky Mountains with het two golden retrievers, Whiskey and Montana.


Exploring Antarctic Wildlife with Huw Griffiths

September 19th @ 10:30am eastern

Huw is a marine biologist with the British Antarctic Survey. He has 20 years experience of working in the polar regions, specializing in Antarctic sea floor biodiversity and ecology. In sharp contrast to the icy desert at the surface, the bottom of the Southern Ocean is teaming with thousands of species, most of which are found nowhere else on Earth. Join Huw and explorer this exciting world!.


Searching for the World’s Super Corals with Emma Camp

September 19th @ 2:00pm eastern

Emma is a coral biologist and explorer focused on identifying the world’s most extreme coral systems and studying these ‘Super Corals’ to generate new strategies for coral reefs struggling to survive climate change. She pioneered the discovery of Super Corals surviving in mangrove lagoons, where conditions are hot, acidic and have low oxygen environments – the trio of stressors corals are having to survive under climate change. Emma has undertaken over 30 research expeditions, supervising and mentoring over 25 research students to develop the next generation of scientists. She established the Coral Nurture Program in 2018, the first science-tourism stewardship program for the Great Barrier Reef, that to date, has repopulated over 100,000 corals at high-value reef sites


Wednesday | September 20th

Witnessing Climate Change with Paul Salopek on the Out of Eden Walk

September 20th @ 9:00am eastern

Join Paul live from China as he continues the epic Out of Eden Walk. We’ll be exploring the impacts of climate change his is witnessing on diverse communities around the world. Past connections with Paul on this journey have included Myanmar, India, and Kyrgyzstan.

Paul’s 21,000-mile Out of Eden Walk is a decade-long experiment in slow journalism, walking from Ethiopia to Tierra del Fuego. Moving at the beat of his footsteps, Paul is walking the pathways of the first humans who migrated out of Africa in the Stone Age and made the Earth ours. Along the way he is covering the major stories of our time—from climate change to technological innovation, from mass migration to cultural survival—by giving voice to the people who inhabit them every day.


Meet Youth for the SDGs Scholars with Peace Boat US

September 20th @ 10:00am eastern

Peace Boat US is excited to announce the launch of a new series of programs as part of the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development. We invite youth leaders from around the world who are working toward sustainability in their home communities to enrich their understanding of marine science and climate action on a global scale through capacity building, citizen science programs, network-building, and educational experiences onboard Peace Boat and in the ports of call. Highlighting the theme of this year’s United Nations World Oceans Day: Planet Ocean, Tides are Changing, we seek to raise awareness about Life Below Water and encourage positive action for our blue planet.

Learn from our Youth for the SDG’s scholars and hear about their exciting travels for the UN Ocean Decade onboard our ship, the MV Pacific World


Arianna Abdul-Nour, COP 28 UK Youth Delegate

Francisco Lara-Fletes, Youth for the SDG’s Scholar from Costa Rica

Molly Rossaen, Peace Boat US Youth Representative and Blue Planet Alliance Global Ambassador

Amy Harff, Environmental Educator and Artist from the USA

Mark Haver, Sustainable Ocean Alliance, Blue Planet Alliance Global Ambassador

Learn more about how to join us onboard for the next Global Voyage here:


Thursday | September 21st

Citizen Science in Arctic Svalbard with Hearts in the Ice

September 21st @ 10:00am eastern

Join Hilde and Sunniva as they share their experiences living in Arctic Svalbard for 2-years where in a small trappers cabin called Bamsebu 140km from their nearest neighbour! They witnessed climate change firsthand during their time in the Arctic, while taking part in numerous citizen science projects for organizations like NASA and Scripps Ocean Institute.

Hearts is the Ice (HITI) is the team of Hilde Fålun Strøm and Sunniva Sorby – two seasoned polar ambassadors and citizen scientists. Hearts in the ice was created in 2018 as a global platform for education and social engagement connecting students, scientists, manufacturers, environmental organizations, and all who care about the health of our planet, in the conversation around climate change and ways we can all be a part of the solution.


Measuring Sea Ice with Polar Scientist Melinda Webster

September 21st @ 1:00pm eastern

Melinda is a polar scientist at the University of Washington’s Applied Physics Laboratory – Polar Science Center. Her work uses a combination of satellite, airborne, field and model data to study the frozen oceans in the Arctic and Antarctic environments. She’s been involved in several polar expeditions, traveling by aircraft, ship, and snowmobile to collect measurements of sea ice to better understand its role in the Earth system. From growing up in a small town in Oklahoma to being frozen in the middle of the Arctic Ocean, she loves to inspire students to break the norms and reach for new possibilities.


Polar Bears with Alysa McCallSeptember 21st @ 2:00pm eastern

Alysa is a conservation biologist specializing in polar bears; she is based out of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada but spends every fall and part of every summer in Churchill, Manitoba, sometimes called the Polar Bear Capital of the World. Alysa has been studying Canadian polar bears for seven years, focusing largely on the western Hudson Bay subpopulation, one of the first to show impacts of climate change. She currently works for Polar Bears International, supporting research and directing conservation outreach programs, all with a mission to protect the polar bear and its sea ice home for future generations. Alysa loves speaking to people across the world about polar bears and their unique lifestyle, and is passionate about helping students feel empowered to take action on climate change.