Our Changing Planet Series

Our Changing Planet

Series One

November  21st – 24th

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Canada is host to many different habitat types, unique species, and exceptional ecosystems. This natural heritage is a key part to so many aspects of our lives – health, food, recreation, livelihoods, culture, art and music for example. Today, this heritage is facing many complex environmental challenges – from climate change to pollution and biodiversity loss. These threats put at risk not only the health and survival of species and ecosystems, but our way of life.

Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) is the lead federal department for a wide range of environmental issues. The department’s work focuses on minimizing threats to people and nature from pollution; sharing information on weather, water and climate conditions; and conserving and restoring Canada’s natural environment.

ECCC scientists are hard at work in so many different fields. Their work helps ensure a clean, safe and sustainable environment for present and future generations.

Interested in learning more about the work of these inspiring people? This one- week series will bring you into the lives of some of these scientists, the work they do, challenges they face and even how their research is used to help you!

Each day will feature a different scientist talking about their specific field of research – something new every day. You don’t want to miss it!

Monday | November 20th

Measuring Arctic Snow and Sea Ice with Chris Derksen

November 20th @ 12:00pm eastern

Chris is a research scientist with the Climate Research Division of Environment and Climate Change Canada. His research activities focus on the use of satellite data and climate models to understand climate change impacts on the Arctic. Chris’ favourite part of his job is getting out on the land for field research: he has participated in more than 25 snow and sea ice measurements campaigns across the Canadian Arctic.

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Tuesday | November 21st

The Amazing Monarch Butterfly: A Migratory Journey that Connects Three Countries

November 21st @ 12:00pm eastern

Greg is a research scientist with the Wildlife Research Division of Environment and Climate Change Canada and is the Canadian Co-Chair of the Trinational Monarch Conservation Science Partnership. Greg’s primary job as a research scientist is to understand why Species-At-Risk in Canada are disappearing, such as the monarch butterfly, so that we can help increase their numbers again. Greg has been fortunate enough to take two trips down to where the monarch butterflies spend the winter in high up in the mountains in central Mexico and is passionate about monarch conservation. Today, he is going to be talking about the monarch’s amazing migration, some of his research on monarchs that relies on community members like you, and what we can do to help the monarch butterfly throughout their range.

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Wednesday | November 22nd

Understanding Climate in the Arctic with Zen Mariani

November 22nd @ 12:00pm eastern

Zen frequently travels to a remote high-Arctic site to conduct climate observations near the North Pole. He currently works as a research scientist in the meteorological research division at Environment and Climate Change Canada where he leads research projects which are aimed at improving weather observation and forecast capabilities in Canada, with a focus on Arctic weather. Recently Zen was one of the top 32 candidates to be one of Canada’s next astronauts and went through a very demanding testing and training process.

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Thursday | November 23rd

Keeping Our Water Safe with Shirley Anne Smyth

November 23rd @ 12:00pm eastern

Shirley Anne is an engineer and head of the Wastewater Science Unit of Environment and Climate Change Canada.  Shirley Anne’s primary job is to measure levels of trace contaminants such as pharmaceuticals and flame retardants at wastewater treatment plants across Canada.  Shirley Anne LOVES sewage and how it is treated to protect our health and environment.  Today she will be talking about how the treatment process works, and what we can do to help protect our water quality.

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Friday | November 24th

Saving Canada’s Wildlife with Emma Pascoe

November 24th @ 12:00pm eastern

Join Biologist Emma Pascoe of Environment and Climate Change Canada as she explores how Canada works to save our amazing wildlife coast to coast through the Species at Risk Act!

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