30 x 30 Art Campaign with Nature For All

30×30 Art Campaign with Nature For All

Biodiversity protection is front and centre with international leaders and organizations working to help preserve life on earth. We wanted to showcase all the good that will come from the global effort to preserve 30 percent of the planet by the year 2030 – an initiative known as 30 by 30.

This effort will involve a ton of work – making cities greener places, restoring lost habitats, saving individual species, having Indigenous communities become leaders in land management, and protecting ocean ecosystems like never before. We want to see what you want the future to look like by the year 2030!



1) Drawings are submitted on our themed paper (link below). Fill in the green window. This will help unite all the drawings as being linked together

2) The drawings should be of something that you would like to see the world be like by 2030! Maybe it’s a coral reef teeming with life, a rainforest filled with animals or a city with much more nature than you’re used to! Maybe it’s even something smaller and more personal, like a new bike lane near your house or an ocean view with no plastic. There’s an opportunity to share just what you’ve drawn with us at the bottom of the sheet – so tell us a story to go with your image!

Contest End Date: March 1st @ 5:00pm eastern

Teachers can scan or take photos of their students’ drawings, sending them to ebtsoyp@gmail.com and share them with us using the email heading ‘30 By 30 Art submission’. 

Teachers, please include your name, grade, school and location in the email. You might also choose to collect all the drawings in a Google folder, sending the link to us.

You’re welcome, and encouraged, to share images in advance of the contest end date on social media and linking us @ebtsoyp or our partner @natureforall, using the hashtag #30by30 or #natureforall

All submissions will be displayed on a special contest padlet (https://padlet.com/ebtsoyp/30by30and many will be featured on the Nature For All Storytelling Festival website and social media too! 

Participating classes will be entered into a draw for a prize too!Find the PDF you can print for your class in this folder.

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