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Hearts in the Ice

September 26 - April 2, 2019

In June 2017, Sunniva and Expedition Partner Hilde Falun Strom started “Hearts in the Ice” a global platform for dialogue around our changing climate with a special emphasis on the polar regions. Both Sunniva and Hilde have close to 25 years of experience each in the Polar regions and are passionate Polar Ambassadors. Their shared love of these wild spaces and the fact that they have borne witness to tremendous change in the Antarctic and Arctic is what has motivated their venture- “Hearts in the Ice”
With deep expertise and connectivity to several Polar Science Experts and Partners they have gained credibility with their commitment to serve as citizen scientists for 9 months at a remote trappers cabin called ‘Bamsebu’, located 78’ north and 140 km from the nearest neighbour. This is a historic expedition in that no women have over-wintered in Svalbard without men.
They will collect plastic, observe sea ice changes and wildlife; including Polar Bear that inhabit the area with the Norwegian Polar Institute. They will collect data, ocean temperature, salt water samples and phytoplankton through Scripps Institution of Oceanography to better understand the impact of fresh water in the Gulf Stream. They will observe two unique cloud formations that appear in the High Artcic through NASA’s Cloud Observer program and they will inspect dead fulmars and other birds in the area, collect the plastic from their stomach lining and send for further analysis to better understand the origins of the massive impact of plastics in our oceans.
Both Sunniva, Hilde and Hearts in the Ice have been endorsed by the “Mother of our Oceans” Sylvia Earle for their commitment to Science and their willingness to connect with school children from around the world with twice monthly video calls hosted by Exploring by the Seat.

The Google Hangouts:

September 26, 2019

12:00 pm

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Join Sunniva and Hilde for their first event from Bamsebu! The first topic will be Ocean Plastics and they'll be joined by special guest Geir Wing Gabrielsen. Gier is a senior research scientist in environmental pollutants at the Norwegian Polar Institute. His current research includes how toxins are impacting seabirds and marine mammals.